UPS System - UP-0518

Standby Mini-Desktop UPS
Photo: UP-0518
Part #: UP-0518

dim: 3" x 10.5" x 5"
Your UPS does not require routine maintenance. Do not open your UPS for any reason. There are no userserviceable
parts inside.
Batteries can present a risk of electrical shock and burn from high short-circuit current. Observe proper
precautions. Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire. Do not open the UPS or batteries. Do not short or
bridge the battery terminals with any object. Unplug and turn off the UPS before performing battery
replacement. Use tools with insulated handles. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the UPS. Battery
replacement should be performed only by authorized service personnel using the same number and type of
batteries (sealed Lead-Acid). The batteries are recyclable. Refer to your local codes for disposal
requirements or in the USA only call 1-800-SAV-LEAD or 1-800-8-BATTERY (1-800-822-8837) or visit for recycling information. Tripp Lite offers a complete line of UPS System Replacement
Battery Cartridges (R.B.C.).Visit Tripp Lite

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